Moving and Repair

Convenient Pool Table Moving and Repair Services

Reliable Pool Table Moving and Repair Services

Do you need to get your pool table moved? Contact Jones Brothers Pool Tables for reliable moving services. You can always count on our highly trained and experienced team for expert workmanship.

We can also easily recover your worn-out pool table and give it a fresh look. Contact us today for high-quality pool table repair and moving services.
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Efficient Pool Table Moving Team

  • Moving - Disassemble, reassemble, and move pool tables
  • Recovering - Over 30 different colors of felt, replace felt in-home
  • Repairing tables - Impeccable craftsmanship
  • Re-tipping cues and ferrule - Replace the tip and ferrule
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Our Pool Table Repair Services

  • Cushion repair
  • Cloth repair
  • Wood repair
  • Pocket repair or replacement
  • Refinishing services
  • Slate services
  • Table storage
Call Us today to get your pool table moved or repaired.
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